Etoro broker review

Etoro is an interesting social network service for the Forex market traders that offers exclusive trading features available on the internet. Following successful trades by “Copy Live Trades” is helping you develop your style by learning from the best from the start.
For traders who still want to enhance their experience gaining, eToro comes really handy. By following best trades and in general, trades and ongoings, newcomers get a real first hand insight in the world of Forex.
Webtrader platform is a browser based platform that offers traders to interactively follow trading while chatting and thus exchanging their experience. It is always helpful to be surrounded by those who have the same inquiries, and this platform is that. You can find your peers and those who follow them to together develop your views of the Forex world.
With copy trader, you can follow the profile you desire. You can adjust to find the trader profiled the way you wish to be, for example, based on success, based on assets and so on.

This platform represents the mediator between the successful traders and those who are eager to follow their steps. It has more than two million traders to learn from.
The minimum deposit for entering etoro is $50, but you it goes with a $500 bonus.
You can login etoro via facebook. For money transferring, PayPal should be enough, and for the US customers, there are no restrictions. Every user is eligible to use demo account and support service is available 24 hours a day, except for the weekend.
Leverage for trading on eToro is up to 1:400.
For stop-loss, eToro offers automated orders, but that is good and really helpful for novice traders, even though it might be strange for traders accustomed to place stop-loss on their own. To prove how good for the novice eToro is, it has developed EtoroPedia, besides many other articles, webinars, ebooks, forums and courses.
Furthermore, for users with low range of fixed spreads (minimum two pips), eToro has a solution, as it offers them too to trade.
For mobile users, eToro has developed an android application that offers basic tools and options for trading, which are always suitable for trading when your computer is not by you.

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