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UBInary Binary Options Review

UBInary Review
UBinary has been discovered in 2011 through a skilled group with more than fifty mixed year of knowledge in giving facilities to the monetary markets. The group is famous and it was recognized as the PTT Capital Group. It is a company united and ruled by the Belize laws. They make their operations in their offices in London, UK. The UBinary operates like an offshore broker. This means that they can embrace traders from all of the areas, excluding USA. Even if they are an offshore broker, their fifty years of knowledge by the PTT Capital Group polishes through this online operation. The importance may be quite firm in giving their customers with a personal approach to trade some, yet high attractive asset indexes. Every trader who signs up is billed through his/her individual account manager.

The manager will always be available and it there are queries or there is a need for guidance in any kind of trading instruments, the analysis or the other features being offered by this broker, you can ask for it. If you will consider the UBinary that has started in 2011, they will be placed and they will be tested. They will be reviewed as a broker. They are so happy to know that their trading platform is new in the industry. You must keep reading about some reviews related to the UBinary Platform Trading Accunts, Banking and support as well. They do give an impartial summary of the broker and the reason why you must trade through them.

About the software

UBinary offers a fresh kind of software in the market, this if for those who are exhausted of the typical binary options software that they typically stumble upon in the market. It seems like a piece of cake when you log in to the account, you will not see any loud or bold, there is no eye sore posters, requests and chat pop ups. This means you are allowed to sit back and relax while you focus on your techniques to make money through binary trading. You have the power to pick from the 2 layouts available. One is 4 small windows side by side. There is a huge diagram with your chosen asset. This is a feature that can be set up in the upper right part of the screen. You can monitor your trade through the day with the open and closed positions visible at the bottom part of the page. You will find it easier to check on your trades.
UBinary is providing a live customer support 24/6. You can connect the agents through a phone call or you can also get a phone call from an account manager in charge. For past traders, their experiences with the live chats were good. They were able to grip of a customer service representative for 12 seconds only even if it was around 8 in the daybreak. That was just the time when the markets are about to open in the USA and in Europe. If you need to be called by a representative, then you can fill up a form on the website and then they will call you back. You must be mindful because there is no demo account in UBinary. This means you will trade using real money from the first day of trading. If you do not want this or you are not confident enough to risk your money, then you can get a one on one training free of charge. This will prepare you for the trading techniques.

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